An exceptional assortment featuring original fragrances to enhance your glowing personality - this sensual, stylish and timeless new collection offers a range of choices for today’s modern men and women who crave a fragrance that is expressive of their deepest desires and befitting of their progressively flamboyant lifestyles .


Whether considering the part of the year or time of the day, it is essential that a fragrance compliments the moods and attitudes of those who wear it. With this aim & the awareness that smell can ever so easily trigger your mood & sensuality and its potential to make or ruin a day, Al Haramain Perfumes presents this collection of superlative fragrances, carefully designed to inconspicuously compliment your formal outfits or spice up your casual attire.


The Prestige Range is a rare and deadly combination of fiery, fresh & subtle fragrances accentuating your style quotient and lending raw power & vital balance to your confidence.

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